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JBH Struthers Interview, 1910 (Part 3 of 3)

During an Auchentibber Garden Party in June 1910, reporters interviewed Inn and Quoiting Grounds owner, Mr. J.B.H Struthers. Today, continued on from Parts 1 and 2, this final part continues with an explanation of the measures ihe and other volunteers took to create the beautiful former Italian Gardens. Reporters interviewing him stated, “The chief point […]

Auchentibber Memoirs Part 9

Continuing our look at a just a few more articles remaining from Flora Dickson Potter’s memoirs and research about Auchentibber. Flora is no longer alive but committed these words to paper during her lifetime. Speaking this time of the Italian Gardens, Quoiting Green and Patriotism. “During the Summer months, the gardens were the scene of […]

Village Improvement Trust

The “Auchentibber Village Improvement Trust” was proposed and formed in early November 1915. This wartime organisation was to seek social and living standards improvement for the hamlet of Auchentibber and seek to bring it up to standard of Blantyre itself, particularly to address the problem of sewage in the area. A meeting was held in […]