Rosendale Football Team

Rosendale Football Team or ‘Blantyre Rosendale’ was a former local football team which formed in April 1910. By Setpember that year, their skills were attracting interest from the community who compared their relatively new talents to some of Blantyre’s older teams. The team comprised of players largely from the Rosendale Tenements just off Glasgow Road.

This was just one of 55 Blantyre football teams i’ve managed to find over the years.

The clever head work and general play of the centre half, Jack Paisley called for special mention and in him, some of the spectators at the time saw visions of a talented professional player in the making, the likes of Jimmy Kelly. A measure of praise was due to the Secretary of the club, Mr. Peter Connelly for the manner of how he brought the team together and the skills they played with.

However, the timing was quite terrible. The young men playing in this team soon found themselves heading off to war in 1914, signalling the end of ‘Blantyre Rosendale’.

Rosendale is pictured many decades later.

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  1. Is it possible that this Me Connelly was my great grandfather? Married to an Elizabeth Mitchell. Father of Janet Connelly, my dads mom?

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