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Tressa McGuigan

“Tressa McGuigan” by James Cornfield (2005) She was a child of her time, she was born in that year of 1894, she was the youngest daughter of James and Margaret she was born and resided at 72 Spittal Rows, Bardykes, She was the 9th child in the family of ten She walked every Schoolday up […]

A Lassie Fae Blantir

“A Lassie fae Blantir”, by Paul Veverka (2017) Blantir lassies, wha ken their ‘ain minds, staun’ heidstrong ‘an sure, ‘ur awfy kind, some blessed wi’ fortune, others in the mire, But ye’ll never tak a lassie awa’ fae Blantyre. Fair heided maidens, wi’ love ther herts’ fill, Fae Springwells tae Kirkton, Barnhill ‘an Coatshill, their […]