Three Blantyre Heroes


I’ve been very quick at retelling stories of drownings at the River Clyde. Sadly, this has happened too many times that I could mention. However, as much as those tragic people need to be remembered, what about the heroic tales of rescues and where the outcome was  positive. The tales of Blantyre’s heroes over the years deserve to be retold too, and the the people who risked their own lives, named here for all to read.

Once such circumstance, occurred on 4th August 1931.

Harry McLaughlin, a baker, who resided at 5 Rosendale Place, Blantyre, and James Graham, also of Blantyre, were swimming in the River Clyde on that Tuesday afternoon, when McLaughlin was suddenly seized with cramp. His companion quickly went to his assistance and kept him above the water and shouted for help, quickly realising they were both in trouble in the current.

Three young Blantyre men—James Park, John Cross, and Pat Morgan—who were in the vicinity at the time, jumped into the river fully clothed, swam out to their aid, and brought them both to the riverbank, with no loss of life or injury. McLaughlin was in an exhausted condition, but he soon revived. Pictured a couple of years earlier in 1928, is the Suspension Bridge over the River Clyde, some distance upstream of the current weir.

Do you know James Park, John Cross or Pat Morgan or perhaps related to these brave individuals?

1928 Suspension Bridge

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