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Buildings Served Notice, 1978

Due to the dangerous condition of the tenements opposite ASDA, one of Blantyre’s best butchers closed on 6th January 1979. A shocked Peter Craig had received a letter from the Regional Council on Monday 11th December 1978, giving him just 3 weeks to pack up and move out (including the Christmas holiday!) Peter who had […]

1978 Shabby Glasgow Road

  With nobody ever writing about the late 1970’s Glasgow Road redevelopment in any great detail, I’ve toyed with the idea of doing this for some time now. I’ve been looking at this subject in some detail in recent weeks and now collected enough unique research and detail to form a small illustrated book, immersing […]

1977 Glasgow Rd Pamphlet

  Michael Barrett kindly sent me this wonderful little pamphlet on the 1970’s plans to develop Glasgow Road. The drawings and information booklet is from 1977 and was likely drawn up to inform businesses and residents what was being proposed.  It shows the redevelopment of the town centre had been thought about since 1973 and that […]