Buildings Served Notice, 1978

1978 Blantyre Glasgow Road wm

1978 Glasgow Road boarded up

Due to the dangerous condition of the tenements opposite ASDA, one of Blantyre’s best butchers closed on 6th January 1979.

A shocked Peter Craig had received a letter from the Regional Council on Monday 11th December 1978, giving him just 3 weeks to pack up and move out (including the Christmas holiday!)

Peter who had traded in Blantyre since 1935 was Secretary of the Blantyre Traders Association and was well informed as such to the communications about Glasgow Road Redevelopment and arrival of Asda. He had fully expected to remain in his old premises until the arrival of ASDA.

It had been understood no trader would be out of premises but it appeared a “dangerous building” notice overruled that! Whilst Peter or indeed any trader would never knowingly put life in danger, it was highly suspicious and coincidental that all of a sudden a spate of “dangerous buildings” notices were being served at Glasgow Road.

Exploring what else was happening at that time, it was known that several businesses on the opposing southern side of Glasgow Road had been asked to leave on 28th February 1979. This was the exact, final day for The Smiddy Public House, The White Elephant Shop, Mecca Bookmakers, Alex Watt Dentist, Orestes Fish and Chip Shop and Vogue Hairdressers.

Alex Watt had received planning permission to continue and open new premises at the corner of Victoria Street and Calder Street and did not expect problems.

However, for many…all of a sudden, the realities of Blantyre redevelopment were striking home hard!

Source: Blantyre Advertiser December 1978 and from the forthcoming sequel book, “Glasgow Road North – The Real Story”.

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