1977 Glasgow Rd Pamphlet


Michael Barrett kindly sent me this wonderful little pamphlet on the 1970’s plans to develop Glasgow Road. The drawings and information booklet is from 1977 and was likely drawn up to inform businesses and residents what was being proposed.  It shows the redevelopment of the town centre had been thought about since 1973 and that also the recession of the 70s was likely to blame for it not happening earlier than the late 70s.

Some of the plans changed, but others like the Clydeview Shopping Centre, extension of the park, sheltered housing in the park and the arrival of Asda , very much happened.

The booklet is transcribed by myself as below:

“Hamilton District Council
Blantyre – Town Centre Redevelopment”

Background – The inhabitants of Blantyre have been deprived for a number of years of a proper town centre with adequate modern shopping facilities. In addition, the degree of dereliction and decay in the town centre is very severe and of great concern to Hamilton District Council. 

These problems were recognised in the redevelopment plans produced by the former Lanark County Council and approved by the Secretary of State in 1973. However, due to the severe restrictions on government spending,  money was not forthcoming for the development.

Hamilton District Council have since come into being in 1975, treated the problems of Blantyre Town Centre as a top priority and have now enlisted the assistance of the Scottish Development Agency who will provide the financial backing for the redevelopment process.

The major private developer who will be included in this scheme is Associated Dairies Limited who have now reached an agreement with the District Council and have received full planning permission for the development of the major part of the new shopping centre.

The Scheme – The redevelopment scheme which has been prepared by Hamilton District Council is based on the plans approved by the Secretary of State and is comprised of the following main components:

Shopping Centre – the new shopping centre which will be located to the south side of Glasgow Road between Victoria Street and Logan Street will consist of ASDA superstore together with approximately 20 shop units, public houses, offices, etc and a large carpark.

Service Industrial Site – An area has been allocated at Herbertson Street at the east end of the Town Centre to accommodate local tradesmen displaced by the redevelopment and the accommodation of other local small trades.

Park Extension – It is proposed to extend Stonefield Park up to Glasgow Road to provide a landscaped frontage to the town centre and additional recreational facilities. In addition, a major landscaping facelift will be given to all derelict and vacant land within the Town Centre.

Sports Centre – A site has been earmarked in the scheme for this much needed facility on the north side of Glasgow Road, although money for its construction is not immediately available.

Old Persons Housing -Twenty five pensioners houses are planned for a site in the western corner of Stonefield Park.

What Happens now -Acquisition of Land and Property – The first step in carrying out the redevelopment scheme is the acquisition by Hamilton District Council of all land and property necessary for the scheme. It has been decided because of the multiplicity of ownership and the existence of certain legal difficulties to use the Council’s powers of Compulsory purchase. Every person with any legal interest in land and property to be required, will receive in the near future the compulsory purchase documents which will include explanations of the procedures and your rights of objection. In the event of the Secretary of State confirming the Compulsory Purchase Orders, entry by the Hamilton District Council will be aimed at causing the least possible disruption to lives and livelihoods of those involved.

Rehousing – Hamilton District Council will rehouse in suitable alternative accommodation all those residents displaced by the redevelopment and wishing a District Council House.

Relocation of Shops – Hamilton District Council will make every effort to afford the opportunity to all shopkeepers displaced by the redevelopment to relocate to the new shopping centre, prior to the removal of the present premises.

Relocation of Local Tradesmen – Again the District council will make every effort to ensure that those tradesmen wishing to remain in business have the opportunity of relocating within the Blantyre area.

Compensation – Most owners of land and property of land to be acquired will be entitled to compensation which will be negotiated by the District Valuer but in the event of disagreement, the matter will be settled by the Lands Tribunal.

Start of Construction – It is anticipated that work will be started sometime on the site in 1978 however, some environmental improvement works could start before the end of this year (1977).

Further Information -If you require any further information, or clarification on any matter relating to the town centre redevelopment, please do not hesitate to contact the planning department at 123 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, or phone Hamilton 21188 Extension 274. Mr Calvart.

Now part of “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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