Moore Bricks

My friend Alex Rochead was walking in the Calder at New Year and found a couple of these bricks marked “Moore”. Wondering if they were from Wardrop Moore’s Greenhall brickie, Alex shared the pictures here.

I was wondering if any brick experts could advise? I think that Wardrop Moore’s Craigmuir brickie stamped their bricks with ‘Greenhall’ and I think the brick found is most likely associated with AG Moore & Co Ltd, former early 20th Century brickwork manufacturers at Blantyreferme. It would be great to have that confirmed.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Historic Hamilton I kid you not! There is a Facebook group called ‘Brick of the day’ and they love all of this stuff. You should send it to their group members. I did the very same thing a couple of years ago when I found an old brick.
Robert Stewart I was walking different areas of Blantyre a few weeks ago with the top expert on Scottish brickworks, Mark Cranston of Jedburgh. I know he’s been in touch with you in the past Paul, so ask him.
Chris Ladds I have had three different Lanarkshire brick collectors on my tours Paul. I am sure an answer will arrive shortly. Having come across a number of bricks marked ‘Greenhall’, I am inclined to believe that the Moore bricks are not Greenhall.  Given the Moore’s at that time developed an aspirational class outlook I doubt they would have wanted their surname stamped on any of their produce, in a manner associated with what they would have deemed industrial ‘nouveaux riche’.
Robert Stewart Moore – Blantyreferme
Lori McCulloch Totally off topic and uncertain. But Alex Rochead may be my 4th cousin. Married to Belinda. Parents James & Minnie. 4th great grandfather Robert Mackie 1769-1862. Any info would be appreciated.
Alex Rochead Yes Lori it looks like we are cousins!!!
Lori McCulloch Alex Rochead 4th cousins
Margaret Stewart My Dad worked in a brick/brickett work that was just before halfway coming from Blantyre
Jiae Jiae This is interesting Paul as I am related to a Hugh Harper Moore, wondering if there is a connection???
Jim Brown Well! I happen to have a small collection of bricks, Greenhall being one of them, which would have been “up the brickie” (Craigmuir). Scottish Brick History states that A.G. Moore & Co Ltd were at Blantyreferme Brickworks, so I would go for that. (need to look out for one)
Alex Rochead Jim I may be able to find one for you
Jim Brown Alex Rochead It’l give something to do Alex :-)I’m sure I’ve seen a few about.
Jim Cochrane The blaas to make Greenhill bricks came from auchentibber


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  1. was there ever a brick work in john street blantyre near blantyre engineering coy.

  2. We live in Townfoot Farm close to the old brickworks. We found a couple of the Moore bricks in our garden.

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