Remembering Robert Moore

This story remembers Robert Moore, an 8 month old Blantyre boy who sadly died in a house fire in 1968. Whilst this article is a little “modern”, it is intended to remember Robert’s memory and hopefully will not cause undue upset to the family. I have a very strict rule here not to post about deaths that are less than half a century ago.

The fire happened in the upstairs flat at 59 Burnside Crescent, Springwells. Little Robert Moore was in his pram that Wednesday 10th January 1968 and neighbours rescued 2 other children Mary (3) and Lorraine (20 months). Robert was the 8 month old son of Thomas and Nan Moore, who is pictured here being taken to hospital with shock.

Brothers John Savage (20) and Joe (27) were the heroes who saved the other two siblings, after Mrs Moore (23) raised the alarm. They attempted to rescue the baby but flames beat them back. Joe was later taken to hospital. The eldest child of the family , Thomas (5) was at nursery at the time.

Little Robert Moore is remembered here, as is the bravery of the two men who saved two lives.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Anne Bell I remember I stayed in number 53 was only 12 at the time but still remember so sad.
Georgina Durnans Mackie Sadly John savage passed away Saturday I will pass this on to his wife Anne and his 2 girls xx
Robert Moore My Aunty Nan and uncle Tommy and cousins and Gone but not forgotten Robert my Cousin xxx
Mary Ann Poneszkis So sad..R.I.P. Robert.
Margo Lee Gibson My little cousin Robert RIP. The address was 61Burnside Cresent. I was born in that house in 1963
Marie Callaghan Bell Heartbreaking God Love xx
Sadie Dolan Remember the family well such a sad time so tragic i was 8 when this happened x
Margo Lee Gibson I love this page as I moved away from my home town when I was very young but Blantyre will always have a place in my 💓 It’s lovely to see all the old pictures of how I remember it 
Robert Mcmillan I remember all that and the funeral
Janet Mcmillan How dreadful we used to live at 74 Burnside crescent and that went on fire as well
Lauraine Lawrie I am the Lorraine that was rescued from the fire I don’t remember this as I was too young but mum and dad told me about it am 53 now x
John Mcclenaghan My wife grew up with the Moore’s lovely people
Callum Allison This would have been my uncle im the son of Mary who was rescued from the fire
Martha Gray So sad Rip wee Robert xx
Marianne Stark Aitken Aw god this is so sad what a trauma for a young family 😞 Is this the same family who lived in logan street? We lived in 102 they lived there too I’m so sure ?
Ashley Allison I would like to say i am the youngest daughter of Mary Allison who was saved from the fire i have never meet robert but i never stopped thinking about him because my papa and my gran told me and my sister Hollie Allison about robert moore he will always be rememnered
Tom McGuigan I remember this terrible event unfolding .I lived in 54, across the road. The day of the funeral the street was full of mourners as the white coffin came out. I was 7 when this happened
Michael Mcguigan When I was five then nan came and gave me a present for gettng knocked down before or after fire
Roselyn Drummond Don’t no Robert (baby) but no family very well good friends of them all plus my family also rest in peace 💋💗 angel xx
Pearl Mcfall I remember that day so sad
Patricia Agnew Boyle I’m nan the mothers cousin pat my father talked often of our nan and toms tragedy xx

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