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Roberts Land, Blantyre

Roberts Land    On the western side of Herbertson Street, aside from the manse and Co-op buildings (explored shortly), the only other buildings were at Roberts Land. Contrary to what you may have read by others, there were no tenements located in Herbertson Street near its junction with Auchinraith Road.    The Roberts family came […]

Crossbasket Bridge Mill / Meal Mill

I’ve been researching The Mill at Crossbasket. It was quite unique in the early part of the 20th Century in that it was still working, by comparison to all other Blantyre mills that had ceased operating at that time. Even as late as the 1930’s the mill operated, though not at that time as a meal mill. […]

Mid Letterick Farm & Mill

Letterick, is an area immediately to the north of Greenhall, but just out the Parish boundary. It is still close enough though to Blantyre to be considered part of this area and feels closer to Blantyre than East Kilbride. It is accessed from the Dalton Road, leading off from Stoneymeadow. A mill stood on the […]