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Blantyre Mills 1860 (part 2 of 2)

The following provides a good description of Blantyre Mills in 1860. “The buildings in which the cotton-spinning was carried on in the year 1805 have remained very much as they were, but by this introduction of improved machinery the work in those buildings, as well as keeping the machinery and buildings in repair, is now efficiently […]

Blantyre Mills 1860 Part 1 of 2

  The following document was published in 1860 and reflects upon Mary Berry’s journal of 1805 and updates things with a description of how Blantyre Mills was functioning in the year 1860. “The factory thus described called Blantyre, situated on the left bank of the Clyde, about four miles below Hamilton, and continues to be […]

1805 Journal Observations – Part 3

  Continuing our look at Mary Berry’s 1805 Journal entry when this English Aristocrat visited Blantyre Mills. On 8th November 1805, Mary was staying in Bothwell House and visited the Blantyre Mills to see the processes for herself. Mary also observes the humble beginnings of the Village. She wrote, “I have said that the whole […]