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James B Struthers, Spirit Dealer

Mr James B Struthers was a well known spirit dealer at Stonefield and High Blantyre in the 1880s. He was an accountant from Wishaw still living there as late as 1875. On 23rd April 1872 he married Mary Ann Harrison at Cambusnethan and had son, also James in 1875. The couple went on to have other children, mostly […]

James Beith Harrison Struthers

Mr. James Beith Harrison Struthers, or commonly known as JBH Struthers. Born on 31st January 1875, at 18 Caledonian Road, Wishaw, his father was also called James B Struthers and his mother was Mary Ann Harrison. He had several female siblings. Famously, owner of the Auchentibber Inn, which he bought in the latter half of […]

Flora McIntyre & The Auchentibber Inn

I was recently looking at the history of Auchentibber Inn, Auchentibber Road on the upper, southern side of Blantyre. The Inn is often described as being the property of J.B Struthers. However, I wanted to tell the story of its former and initial owner, Miss Flora McIntyre. The story is in my own words. I hope you […]