Blantyre Barometer

This nice looking barometer photo was shared by reader Jan Jackson.

Jan, who lives in England told me this barometer has an inscription which reads “Presented to Mr Jas. Jackson by the Blantyre Bowling Club on the occasion of his Marriage 2nd June 1887.”

A fine wedding present to a respected member of the Bowling Club. Jan’s family , the Jacksons at the time lived in my home at Croftfoot, High Blantyre, which means this barometer once adorned its hall or sitting room over 130 years ago. Now far from this town, this is a little piece of Blantyre history that was passed down to family members.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if, when families no longer treasure these pieces of Blantyre history, they came home to Blantyre? Is there a museum aside from David Livingstone Memorial?

  2. I recognise that piece of furniture—-Nice write up Paul, it sounds more interesting when you write about things that I have know for so long. Hope you are keeping well. Jan J

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