Bothwell, Tasmania


I love when people share things here from around the world.

Helen Jackson who lives in Australia recently sent me a message saying, ” I went to Tasmania from our home in Queensland last year. We visited “Bothwell” and there’s a Clyde River nearby! We visited a great whisky distillery near Bothwell. There was a large population of Scottish immigrants into Tasmania probably due to its cooler climate compared to much of mainland Australia so many Scottish names are used for locations in Tasmania.”

Have YOU noticed familiar place names in far off places?



Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Gord Fotheringham Yes there is a wee town up north called blantyre….we were in a rush and never stopped..
Eileen Mckee Just brilliant
Elizabeth Grieve I’ve been in Hamilton Ontario Canada, it’s lovely but there are a lot of place names there that have Scottish links
Helen McGarry Melbourne, a short walk for me (wishfully)
Marion Anderson And not forgetting the so called convicts that were sent there .. that’s if they survived the trip.
Marion Anderson Next time we go to Hamilton,Victoria I’ll send pics
im Brankin California not far from bath gate west Lothian
Christine Forrest Near Bothwell in Tasmania there is also a Hamilton there built from a map originally brought from Scotland street to street names in lovely old Victorian villas and a huge st Peter’s church identical in smaller scale In the very small museum it tells of early settlers who thought that this part of Tasmania would become the capital way back in middle of 1800s but due to heavy silt Hobart a few miles round the coast became the capital. I found it really cold in April when I visited many years ago


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