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Robertsons Ginger Cart

  Continuing more previously unseen photos online. This fantastic picture of Robertsons Ginger ‘cairt’ has Blantyre man Peter McDonald standing beside it. His great grandson, Johnny Gilluley shared the picture. The cart actually looks quite new, well certainly the wheels do and I suspect this is what the photograph was showing off. The words “Springwell […]

1921 or 1922 David Livingstone Centre

Using other postcards and photos and noting things like chimneys, the state of the render falling off and condition of whitewash, I’ve determined by best estimate this rarely seen photo is likely dated 1921 and 1922. Despite photos of an earlier era showing the Shuttle Row Building in worse condition, i believe this whitewash paintwork […]

1880s Kirkton Cross & Logans

This photo dates from the late 1880’s or early 1890’s. A charming photo of Kirkton Top Cross. Another source suggests the photo was taken between 1900-1910 but I believe that to be incorrect. The style of the clothes, the fact that the men have beards (that fashion started to fall away by 1900) and other […]