Cart on General’s Bridge

I love this photo. Previously unseen online and photographed by David Ritchie around the 1910’s, it shows a man with this cart and horse on the General’s Bridge, Stoneymeadow.

1910 Cart on Generals Bridge wm1

Such a clear photo for being nearly 110 years old. The man is unknown but his satchel would suggest he may have been a salesman, collecting in money for previous deliveries.  His horse has a little blanket to protect against the weather, for it clearly is a cold day!  I can well imagine at a time before cars, this cart coming back down the hill, past Greenhall into Blantyre as his rounds were done.

Filled with beauty, this snowy scene is little changed today. I’ve zoomed in on the figure for a closer look.

1910 Cart on Generals Bridge wm2

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