1880s Kirkton Cross & Logans

1890s Kirkton Cross, High Blantyre

1890s Kirkton Cross, High Blantyre

This photo dates from the late 1880’s or early 1890’s. A charming photo of Kirkton Top Cross.

Another source suggests the photo was taken between 1900-1910 but I believe that to be incorrect. The style of the clothes, the fact that the men have beards (that fashion started to fall away by 1900) and other similar photographs of the era, suggest this is more likely to be the 1890’s. I believe the photo was taken to show the construction that had taken place in Main Street that decade. These were “new buildings”, the tenements and Station Cafe within Speirs Laun, the reconstruction of School lane and of course the pub to the left, which was then Logans, and later became, “Vals”, “Carrigans” and “The Cornerstone” amongst other names. You can see how clean and pristine the stonework is on the buildings, despite the proximity to collieries not too far off. The pub doorway faces out to the crossroads itself, which is now a window.

The strong shadows and leaves on the trees in the background, suggest a Summer scene. To the right is the water fountain, which was reputed as also being a useful meeting point. Its a great photo, brilliant composition and subject matter.

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