1981 Forrest Street

I’ll be writing about the north side of Glasgow Road along with many great photos in due course. For now though, here’s  great photo taken in July 1981.

Pictured from Glasgow Road, this must have been a strange sight at the time, following the demolition of the tenements on Glasgow Road. The photo is taken from the former position of the Livingstonia Public House. With the tenements gone, people could see easily through to Forrest Street to the Telephone Exchange and the Salvation Army Citadel.  To the left, out the picture, Devlin Grove was being built.

Whats your memories of this area?

1981 July Forrest Street wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Betty Armstrong Many great memories.. Went to Vics games every Saturday with my dad then back to Salvation Army on Sunday with my pals Anne Grogan.. Sally Mckean.
Sally Mckean Betty Armstrong we sure did. We’re all still pals these days as well xx
Anne Grogan Betty Armstrong they were fun days, football and church.
Gerry Browne worked in castrol oils on right futher down
Thomas Barrett My playground when we lived in Clark Street
Anne Irvine Wee bit wasteground there before devlin grove was where the market was also. Either before the time at hasties or after
Jim Selfridge I lived in one of the cottages across from Castle Park until 1957
Alex Orr I lived there till I was four. There was a building near the bottom of the street across from Blantyre Engineering. We called it ‘ the ile work’ ( the oil work) as castrol had a works there. I have vague memories of it. Happy days.
Margaret Duncan There was a garage at the top of Forest Street – I think it was owned by the Italians who had the ice cream shop – my dad used to spray cars there
Margaret Macneil Our family lived at the top of the street in the flats, where the car wash is now.
John Dunsmore Same here fits Saturday x. Salvation on Sunday my cup full and running over.good times
Matthew Neil The Sallie Ann pulled down run on to parks garage mow
Matthew Neil The garawas John o neills

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  1. Myself and some siblings born at 66 Forrest Street…
    1945,46 and 47. Moved to Beech Place in 1948.

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