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Auchentibber Earthworks

How fast Auchentibber’s landscape is changing in 2019. The upper fields, high above Blantyre, focusing around the derelict farm are fast transforming in Spring and Summer 2019 as earth is shifted around, levelling fields, infilling hollows and ponds and the like. Hedgerows give way to new fences and the fields themselves ready to be reseeded […]

Bobby Brown’s Boat

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking at some photos and information that Lon McIlwraith has kindly shared relating to Hasties Farm. Like this for example. Lon told me, “This is Bob’s cabin cruiser, ‘Hasties‘. I remember it seemed bigger, but I was only a wee lad at the time. Bob and some cronies […]

Ancient Remains at Blantyre 1939

DISCOVERY IN PLOUGHED FIELD. TRACTOR HITS STONE CIST AND SEPULCHURAL URN- APRIL 1939. An 1939 accident led to the discovery at Coatshill Farm, Blantyre, of an ancient stone cist of coffin containing a partially ornamented urn of primitive design. On the site of what is today, Bellairs Place, The Hamilton Advertiser covered the event on 29/4/1939 commenting; “The farm, […]