1980s Final set of Calderside Photos


Jim Cochrane has kindly shared further photos of Calderside Farm in the 1980’s. In this last set, Jim told me, “The long byre or Big byre held 29 cattle if I remember right and were milked by a pipeline system as you see above them. In total, the farm had 70 cattle in milk and maybe another 10 dry and rotating in the herd. They required constant attention to keep them clean, fed and watered and it was always a big relief when they were turned out to grass in the spring. However they still had to come in twice a day every day to be milked. Everything was done by hand a lot different from the modern robot setups . It kept you unbelievably fit when you look back on it!



The Barn and a small cattle byre were for young stock . We stored hay bales in the barn and then used it for cattle as this was used up. These buildings dated from about 1746.”


With thanks to Jim these last few posts in giving us a wonderful insight into farming life in the 1980s at Calderside.

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