Bobby Brown’s Boat

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking at some photos and information that Lon McIlwraith has kindly shared relating to Hasties Farm.

Like this for example. Lon told me, “This is Bob’s cabin cruiser, ‘Hasties‘. I remember it seemed bigger, but I was only a wee lad at the time.

Bob and some cronies took me along on a fishing trip doon the Clyde one day. Nobody on the boat had any training in seamanship. We overtook a large cargo ship dangerously close, and almost capsized when we passed over the ships bow wake! Later on, when the boat was moored in Inverkip marina, I saw Bob working on the engine while smoking a cigarette, very dangerous. After Bob died, the boat disappeared from the marina.”

8 - Bobby Brown's cabin cruiser, HastiesBrown wm

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