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1978 Boxing Successes

A good show was put on by Blantyre Boxers in April 1978 at Meadowbank where the Scottish Youth Boxing Championships were being held. Three were among the medals. Sixteen year old Hugh Kelly who boxed with the Blantyre Miner’s Welfare Club lifted the Bantamweight Class B title. Fellow colleague William Johnstone (16), boxing lightweight just […]

Blantyre Lodging House (Model Hostel)

  Blantyre Lodging House was located at Birdsfield Street in Burnbank. Its identity was often blurry, for whilst it initially carried the name Blantyre Lodging House, it was certainly located over the Parkburn boundary, and into Hamilton Parish, rather than Blantyre. As such, I do still consider this a Hamilton building. It was built by public […]

Catherine (Kathleen) Kelly 1944

Moria Hutchings has sent me the following information, “My Grandfather, Patrick Kelly was born in 1882 allegedly at Shuttle Row. He went on to work at or run the Hoolits Nest (Barnhill Tavern) at Barnhill; Certainly it was the family home for sometime. His father was an Edward Kelly, an Iron Works Hand.  On his marriage certificate […]

1956 The Poor Clare Nuns

Pictured here are the Poor Clare nuns of Blantyre. These are the original five nuns who travelled from Cork, Ireland on an overnight trip and settled at Thornhill, Blantyre. From left to right they are Sister Terese, Sister Jarlath, Mother Columba, Sister Paschal and Sister Veronica. Pictured here in 1956, a few years after they […]