Demolition at Springwells

Work to demolish an old, dangerous tenement building in Springwells, Blantyre has started.

Demolition contractors moved in this week to demolish the former Millers Fireplace and adjoining Frasers buildings on the North side of Glasgow Road near the Blantyre boundary with Burnbank.

The stone built tenement building has been derelict for a few years, suffering badly from heavy subsidence making it dangerous to pedestrians. It’s been fenced off for a few months, with traffic lights and lane restrictions also protecting drivers. Work has now commenced to carefully demolish the building.

The situation was a little complex. Work is being done by the council after attempts to get the owners to demolish it failed. Their intention is to charge the owners at a later date. This building, which was initially McCaffrie’s pub has been a prominent landmark at that location since the 1870’s. During the 20th Century it became a restaurant, cafe and then latterly shops. People may remember the scrapyard at the back? We’re sure, given its exceptionally poor condition, many people will agree this tenement has been an eyesore for some time and the removal now long overdue.

Demolition was approved on 31st March 2022 with service disconnections already taken place. Traffic management will be removed once demolition is complete.Our photos were taken earlier this morning, Thursday 28th April 2022.

What’s your memories of this well known building?

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph

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