1900 Smithy at Dalton


Edward Boyle has a fantastic website of old Cambuslang photos. From time to time a photo near the boundary of Blantyre crops up like this brilliant photo of the old Smithy at Dalton taken in 1900. Captured on a glass plate, it shows remarkable clarity, despite being close to 120 years old.

Smithy at Dalton Blantyre

On the Glasgow to Hamilton Road, the house on the north side of the road, still exists today but has gone through some aesthetic changes in the last Century, one being blocking up the windows facing out on to the now busy road. This is of course located in Cambuslang Parish, but its close enough to Blantyre to be recognised by many people.

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Moyra Lindsay Used to be surrounded by Rover cars.
Isabella Johnston McShane Whats the history of the house nearer blantyre end that disappears below the road…very strange place for a rd so near a house ?
Hoch McGandy If you mean the one that is almost below the road then my pal renovated it a while back.Think it was originally built in the 1820s ? Still had the original roof collars which were straight of a tree 🙂
The house was originally at the same level as the road but during the road upgrade they raised the level of the road above the house.It has a lovely view out the back over the fields.
Gerry Walker Back in the 70`s I think the McKie family lived there and the kids went to school in Blantyre.
Martin McNulty You are correct Gerry Walker. The 3 boys went to the joes and ogilvie. One of them is a good friend of mine.
Maria McKie we still do 🙂
Ntsumi Neo Originally the road passed behind the houses, this would have made them look more normal. The road that passes now used to be two lanes going in each direction. And passes really close to houses. The road was narrowed and raised further making the houses look even lower. My mum and dad now live in the cottage. I am in the house that used to be the smiddy
Bill Graham Isabella, there are 2 houses like that one of them belongs to a branch of my family, the Mossmans. I was only in it once I believe the Level where you enter is the living area the downstairs is the bedrooms.
Marian Maguire There looks.as if there is another house in this old picture, See porch roof or maybe this was the original house and building that is there was the workshop.
Fairlie Gordon Great post ,
Anthony Smith Bit off the subject,but any idea why and when Manse Brae was closed as a through road ?
Jim Donnelly Think when they built the Drumsagard scheme Tony,would have been used by a lot of the new residents nearer the bottom of the scheme rough guess would be about 10 years ago.
Anthony Smith Thanks for that,Jim.Been away from Blantyre for quite a few years now,but I sill remember things.And still miss the place.
Becky Bee Thanks so much Frances Maguire!
Gillian Gray Maria McKie not sure if of interest to your gran and great aunt. X
Maria McKie Omg!! That’s amazing to see 😍! Xx
Mima Telfer Yes close enough!
I lived just down the hill at Dechmont Cottages and travelled passed here on the bus every school day en route to David Livingstone Memorial Primary.
Ntsumi Neo Another photo from about 1920s not great quality, but a different viewpoint. I live in the house now, my aunt lives in the one next door, the McGowan family in the 3rd cottage and my parents are now in the end cottage below road level.

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  1. Elizabeth Currie

    My dad William Maxwell was born in the house that is below street level just along from this picture

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