1960’s Stoneymeadow

Who remembers the shop at Stoneymeadow junction or the BP filling station next to it? At a time before the EK Expressway, this was on the main road leading up to East Kilbride. The houses still stand today. The scene is either 1950’s or 1960s.

1960s Stoneymeadow 2 wm

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Gillian Cunningham Bought garden furniture and gravel, chips and slabs from there. Noticed that there used to be a cafe there too. Not sure if they are open now as a garden centre.

Lillias Addison Remember it well used to walk on a Sunday with your Mum and Grandpa after Church and always got a sweetie out the shop, happy days.

William Dickson walk to the shop many times on a good day memories as a kid

Jack Bethel There was a new filling station on the opposite corner, late 60’s or early 70’s. Became a used car showroom for a while then lay empty for years. The building was demolished a couple of years ago.

Alan Baird aye a mind of it jack , it was a texaco garage , when we were out on the push bikes for a run wee would stop in there for wee bottles of ginger and crisps

Jean McIntosh I remember the garage across the road from it Mrs Birch was her name early 70s you could get 4 galls for £1. No Asda in those days. Long before the ecpressway I don’t remember the shop across the road just the out buildings. Lovely cottages still there today

Margaret Elma Griffin Used to walk to stoneymeadow with my friends we always visited the shop

Isobel Hollis Blast from the past! I used to walk that road with my father! He told me constantly to push my shoulders back; I was growing very tall and tried to mask it! I think ice cream was the reward!

Ann Brown Remember the wee shop well, went with my dad- we stayed in crossbasket at the time and we used to walk there for Old English spangles.

Archie Peat To true Blantyronians this was known as “Steenemeedie” !

Betty McLean Walked on Sunday afternoon to this area with my boy friend, now husband. Loved the ice cream.

Lon McIlwraith We always asked our dad to take this wee ‘short cut’ just before Stoneymeadow. Daft kiddy thing!
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Ann Golder Loved reaching this wee shop, the reward was a wee bottle of ginger and a packet of crisps!!!!

Sharon Paton My hubby says it was known as ‘Staneymeaddie’

Terry Mackenzie I used to get Calor Gas at the filling station.

Billy Mckinlay I Went to calder st with a guy called archie Nimmo whos parents owned the shop


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  1. My Great-Great Grand Parents were Stevenson and Margaret Boyd who lived and worked here after moving from Bushmills, Ireland around 1848-9. John Boyd born 1851 and one of their many children moved to Boone,Iowa USA and was my Great Grandfather. John’s 12th child Scott Boyd was my Grandfather and Richard Boyd was my father. Steven Boyd

  2. I went to Calder st School in the 60’s with a boy called Archie Nimmo his parents had the shop and petrol station.

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