Railway Tunnel at Dalton

Although slightly outwith Blantyre Parish, this is nearby enough to post here on Blantyre Project.

Pictured in May 2016, is a small disused railway tunnel at Dalton, unusually, with the road going over it. The main road leaving Blantyre to Cambuslang goes over the top of this tunnel and many people would not even know its there.

The single track railway which served Loanend Colliery, ran through this little tunnel in the early 20th Century, and out to the north side of the road at Dechmont Cottages towards the Dalton Brickette Factory.

The tunnel is blocked off at one side, with rather substantial gates, is in good condition, partially infilled over the lines and is covered in graffiti. It’s not somewhere I’ve been but I intend to add it to a future walk. Photos courtesy of Alex Rochead, taken in May 2016.

1936 Blantyre map

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Anne Mackie was interested to see Two manses adjacent to each other and in quite out of the way places ?

The Blantyre Project i’d never noticed that before Anne, although this is into Cambuslang Parish and not something I’ve looked at before. I agree though, its a strange place to have manse houses with a lack of any church nearby.

Anne Mackie just another bit of curiosity on my part There are a wee row of cottages on your left as you lleave Blantyre on one of the gutters/roofline there appears a wee head !!!!!

Anne Mackie The Blantyre Project Abig thankyou for your time and effort xx

Robert Stewart I think I’m right in saying that the tunnel under the Dalton Road is still there, but is bricked up at both ends. The cutting between the tunnels was used as a landfill by the council around 1958 / 60

Paul McDonagh Colin Findlay something to look at you think you could throw something here if it’s out of the district enough

Jim Cochrane One of the manses was burnt down a few years ago.

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  1. Visited the tunnel years back before the portal was closed off, another wee gem

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