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1952 Dixon’s Halls formerly the chapel

  I’ve sometimes seen this Dixon’s Row photo described as 1877, (as the note suggests from the book about St Joseph’s in which it first appeared in). Until recently, I’d never noticed the broken gable in the foreground. However, the photo is clearly not 1877. It more likely dates from when the book it first appeared […]

“Living Stones” St Joseph’s Exhibition

I hope everybody has had a chance this weekend to visit St Joseph’s amazing history exhibition. Scheduled between 3rd – 6th October 2014, Archbishop Leo Cushley will be the principal guest as well as other Church & Civic dignitaries. The DVD of the history of St. Joseph’s was presented on large screen in the Church on Friday 3rd […]

1905 St Joseph’s Chapel, Blantyre

Pictured during it’s construction in 1905, is St Joseph’s Church, at the junction of Glasgow Road and Mayberry Place. Incredible to think this photo is almost 110 years old. In the foreground lay building materials and although the stonework is in place, the building itself was still roofless when this photo was taken. The RC […]

They Flocked to St Josephs

A slightly more modern story for you today. This photo dates between 1998 and 2000 and features St Joseph’s church, Glasgow Road, Blantyre. Photographed and shared by Robert Stewart, if you look closely you’ll see an unwelcome flock of seagulls on the roof. Perhaps attracted by the heat from the ridge that Winter, the birds […]

Cochrane’s Chapel, Blantyre

A building i’m often asked about is the small stone ruin in the woods behind modern day Kirkwall Avenue and Jura Drive. It’s been said that this was connected to the Priory and was once a chapel. That’s only half true, i’m afraid and today this article aims to provide some information and history. The […]