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Gilmour – Little Ancestry

In December 2016, Lynsey Milne contacted me saying, “My grans name is Margaret Little born 1918 to Andrew Gilmour and Mary Ann ( maiden name Murphy) she has 7 brothers and 2 sisters. I dont know if any of her siblings are still alive but i have some names if thats any help? I really […]

1952 Dixon’s Halls formerly the chapel

  I’ve sometimes seen this Dixon’s Row photo described as 1877, (as the note suggests from the book about St Joseph’s in which it first appeared in). Until recently, I’d never noticed the broken gable in the foreground. However, the photo is clearly not 1877. It more likely dates from when the book it first appeared […]

Park Street, Dixons Rows, Blantyre

Alex Rochead has recently restored this old photo of Park Street (formerly thought incorrectly by J Cornfield as being Hall Street), Dixon’s Rows, Blantyre. The restoration sees the best quality yet of these Miners homes.  When Alex emailed me it, I took some time to have a real good look at this photo. Dixons’s Rows were built in […]

Stonefield Allotments

I was interested to see “Allotments” noted at the side of Stonefield Road on the 1936 map. The plots were located in two large fields behind Dixons’s Rows, the miners homes. Hemmed in by the Gasworks on Stonefield Road (on the later Letham’s Garage site). The worked gardens were not shown on earlier maps and […]