1952 Dixon’s Halls formerly the chapel


1877 Dixons Halls

1952 Dixons Halls

I’ve sometimes seen this Dixon’s Row photo described as 1877, (as the note suggests from the book about St Joseph’s in which it first appeared in). Until recently, I’d never noticed the broken gable in the foreground. However, the photo is clearly not 1877. It more likely dates from when the book it first appeared in was printed. The book was published to mark the jubilee of the chapel, which was around 1952, so the photo actually dates from just before Dixon’s rows were pulled down.

This particular little block of houses was used as the chapel at a time before St. Joseph’s church was built in Glasgow Road. Located near Stonefield Road, the building was also used or referred to later as Dixon’s Halls and most likely had its internal dividing walls knocked through into one open plan space.

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