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Glasgow Road – 1978 A short Film

I’ve recently posted some great photos on Glasgow Road from 1978. These were lifted with permission from a film at the Scottish Screen Archive. http://ssa.nls.uk/film/N0683 Here’s a short full colour 1 minute 20 second video of Glasgow Road 1978. People shopping, children playing, youths outside the Priory Bar, all before the demolition took place. (The […]

1932 Glasgow Road at Logan Street

Such a beautiful photograph. Pictured in 1932 is Glasgow Road.  A quiet scene with very little traffic. The tramlines are gone and the new modern leveled may have prompted taking this photograph. Families go about the daily business, shopping along the right hand side at the buildings between Logan Street and Church Street, known as […]

Cochrane’s Chapel, Blantyre

A building i’m often asked about is the small stone ruin in the woods behind modern day Kirkwall Avenue and Jura Drive. It’s been said that this was connected to the Priory and was once a chapel. That’s only half true, i’m afraid and today this article aims to provide some information and history. The […]