1978 Planting Larkfield Bing Trees


Several people over the years have asked me about this, so hopefully this answers the question, “When were the trees planted at Larkfield Bing?”

1978 Planting at Larkfield Bing wm

On Friday 10th March 1978, two councillors put their backs into it along with more than a little help from dozens of local schoolchildren, to make Blantyre a more beautiful place.

This was the scene that day when local Councillor Mr George McInally (left) and Hamilton District Provost Charles Brownlie helped plant the first of many trees all around the border of the former Dixon’s Bing at Larkfield.

The pupils of High Blantyre Primary and St Blanes Primary rolled up their sleeves to finish the job, moving from one tree to another in holes, previously dug by the council.

This was all part of the Council plan to restore the area back to beauty and provide a lasting green plan for the future. The venture was widely publicised and gained support from all the community, but did not get off to a good start. Like many things in Blantyre in 1978, the trees were immediately vandalised, almost all of them uprooted. I’ll save that story of the aftermath and subsequent replanting for another day.

These trees are still there and their trunks today exceed a metre in circumference. This one pictured (on Broompark Road, next to Collins Bakery with High Blantyre Primary School car park in the background) is now very sizeable!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Lynne McInally Awh that’s great, thanks Claire Murray 😘 xxxx
Claire Murray Lynne McInally thought you’d like to see it ❤️❤️
Thomas Barrett I worked with George in ravenscraig that year nice guy.
Maureen Burns Awe thanks Claire 💗
Anne Feeney George was my boss NLC – best boss, fantastic man who tackled inequality and was dedicated to public service.
Lynne McInally That’s lovely to hear Anne. Thanks xx
Eileen Shannon Thanks Claire xx
Terri Sonsthagen Burns Oh this is fabulous!
The Blantyre Project these trees are so large now, i wouldnt be able to put my arms around the trunk.
Connie Glass I remember when they started to plant the trees. I lived in Iona Path facing the bing. Lots of memories ❤️
The Blantyre Project Connie, was your maiden name Spencer?
Connie Glass Yes Paul and I remember you and your big white dog well x
Margaret Mary OSullivan George McInally was a great fighter for social justice – an inspirational man who worked tirelessly for what was right. He is greatly missed.
Marie Rooney Have fond memories of “sledging ” down the side of the bing, inside bin bags or on a bread tray 😁
Chris O’neill Or falling a full floor sliding down a banister..my 7 year old self getting a broken pelvis

Marie Rooney Oh dear. Not good x

Chris O’neill Ach I was fine ..didnt do health and safety back then 😉
James Cushley First AV seen this and a think it’s St blanes primary and a think a can see Steph caullay shug Rooney Neil MacArthur Danny odonnell Paul Allan John Hutchison and a think that’s Gary doonin at the back wae a £5 in his hand lol well folks am a there ?

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