Korek – 323 Glasgow Road, Blantyre


323 Korek

‘Korek’ at 323 Glasgow Road, one half of this old 1869 property

Constructed: c 1869 Other Names: Brownlie House
Constructor: Robert Lindsay Original Address: 301 Glasgow Road
House Type: 2 Storey Houses Current Address: 323 Glasgow Road

    Brief Summary: The name ‘Korek’ may have Polish origins, although there is no immediate connection to constructor Robert Lindsay, who built this twinned property in 1869. Similar to adjacent Brownlea Cottages, the original name appears to be Brownlie House, although was quickly changed perhaps due to the similar name in Barnhill. The 1875 valuation roll has upstairs empty.

    It is identical to its neighbor and shared a similar history of ownership with Penelope Galt Renfrew of Hamilton owning it from the early 1880’s up until 1900. John G Johnston let it out to 2 tenants, one of which was Thomas Oliphant, a solicitor.

   By 1920, John F Dott owned the property and by 1930 it had changed hands to Mary Cumming Izett, a spinster newsagent, who sold in 1941 for £340 to family members, Sunday Post journalist William Izett & his wife, who lived there beyond WW2 years. ‘Korek’ is semi detached, only noted separately here as ownership of the other half took a different path in the early 20th Century.

   Again, it’s an important building for Glasgow Road South, joint oldest surviving house.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka [Page 511]


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