Blantyreferme Colliery 1&2

Pictured here in 1946 is Blantyreferme Colliery.

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Former Blantyreferme colliery was  based not far from Newton but within Blantyre Parish and was owned by Ayrshire Company, A.G Moore & Co, (coalmasters). This scene is captured from the Clyde Bridges looking back over westwards to Blantyreferme colliery with the brickworks on the far right. The bings feature prominently as do the chimney towers. Beyond them over the horizon was “Fin me Oot” Caldervale, a former miners village. At the time this excellent photo was taken, Mr. William Armstrong of Uddingston was manager.

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  1. Dr Alan Blackwood

    Sorry, but something’s not right with the date given for this photograph if it was taken by William Armstrong. He was my great-grandfather and I am sure he was manager or under-manager of Blantyre Ferme Colliery in 1930 as I have documentary evidence of his home address at that time being Thirlwell, Sheepburn Road, Uddingston – a property associated with the colliery. However, William Armstrong died on 23rd October 1943 and is buried in Westburn Cemetary, Cambuslang. Prior to his death he had been manager of another colliery in the Newton-Hallside-Flemington area for quite a few years. If my great-grandfather was indeed the photographer, I would suggest the photograph considerably pre-dates 1946.

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