Haughhead (Blantyreferme) Brickworks

Haughhead Brickworks were constructed around 1955. They were also known as Newton brickworks by some people as well as the name, Blantyre Ferme Brickworks. This may have confused visitors and locals, as there was a Newton and Blantyre Ferme brickworks not far from this location, albeit in different but nearby areas.

Haughhead brickworks were certainly located in Blantyre Parish. They comprised of a massive iron framed shed building clad in asbestos sheeting which was prominently situated on the western side of Blantyre Ferme Road, to the north of the railway line, just south of East Haughhead Farm. Near the shed, which accommodated the kilns, were conveyor belts leading from a nearby drift mine, making the whole process as efficient as possible.

The kilns were constructed in 1955, and built from “Preston Orange” bricks, perhaps chosen due to their suitable properties for kiln construction. The kilns were arched shaped and there were around 2-dozen, lining the length of either side of the building. The internal open plan layout was subdivided into working areas to serve each kiln. It is thought the brickworks at this location, stamped their bricks with the word “Newton.” It is thought the brickworks existed until 1974, and demolished shortly after.

With sincere thanks to Alex Rochead, I’m able to show you the kilns of Haughhead (Blantyreferme) Brickworks being constructed in 1955, in these remarkably clear interior photos.

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