Greenhall Brickworks

A Greenhall Brick! To be more precise, this is a brick from J Wardrop Moore’s Greenhall Brickworks at High Blantyre, a former brickworks, once located just off Craigmuir Road.

The brickworks is known to have existed from at least as early as 1862, as its known Blantyre Gas Works on Stonefield Road used these bricks in its construction.

It looks likely that the brickworks stopped sometime around 1912, coinciding with the death of Wardrop Moore. In 1914, his widow was selling equipment at the brickworks, again suggesting its decline or end. This is further backed up by seeing the brickie still on the 1910 map, but gone by the 1936 Blantyre map.

Have you ever found a Greenhall Brick? If so, it could be as old as 157 years or at the very least 105 years old!

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Jim Cochrane If you want to find them you’ll need to knock some houses down in blantyre.
jim Cochrane The quarry the clay and blaas came from has just been filled in at Auchentibber

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