Growth at the War Memorial

I took these photos early on Remembrance morning, earlier this month. This is the perimeter fence at Auchentibber War Memorial, just off Parkneuk Road. In recent years, the young conifers have sprouted somewhat, now higher than the small fence, and whilst everything looks nice and tidy just now, it made me wonder what this area will look like in 20 years.

Conifers are known to be fast growing and perhaps this was deliberate to screen the adjacent private land which was once the Quoiting green. I think these trees will be pretty high in 2 decades time, a very different backdrop for the memorial itself.

The other photo shows the shrubs and weeping willow at the southern corner of the memorial site.

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  1. My memory is that there were tall conifers around this memorial 40 years ago. So it might look like it used to.

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