Drunkenness at Auchentibber

It was a cold, dark night on Friday 22nd October 1909. Like many menfolk, miner, David Stewart had been out at a public house spending some of his wages on drink. However, David would be worse for wear by closing time and his subsequent actions would have consequences.

David returned to his home in Auchintibber, High Blantyre after his pub session and was extremely drunk. After putting his wife forcibly outside their home and locking the door, in his stupor and drunken delirium he gathered up all the bedclothes throwing them on to the fireplace, igniting them.

The smell of burning and smoke attracted the neighbours, and as it was some time before the accused could persuaded to open his door, considerable alarm prevailed in the small village, attracting the attention of others. The fire was ultimately extinguished, but not before the whole property had been in danger of being destroyed. Police were called at one point.

David Stewart found himself later in Hamilton Sheriff Court convicted of a charge of culpable and reckless fire-raising. Sheriff Thomson passed sentence of thirty days’ imprisonment.

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