Auchintibber Garden Party, 1910

A large and representative company of ladies and gentlemen availed themselves on the evening of Wednesday 22nd June 1910 to the invitations issued by the hon. president, Mr J. B. H. Struthers, and members of the Auchintibber Quoiting Club to spend an evening with them within the precincts of their incomparably artistic grounds at the rear of Auchintibber Inn, High Blantyre.

However, at 6 o’clock, when the proceedings were timed to start, a. thunderstorm of considerable severity was raging over the district, and for a time, with the torrential rain which accompanied it, the prospects for the success of the evening were anything but reassuring!

As the first of the guests began to arrive, however, the storm passed over, and the sun broke out again, which, with the heat which prevailed, soon dried up the sodden turf and restored, to some extent., the environs of the enclosure to their natural beauty. The remainder of the evening was beautifully fine, and the whole function was carried through to a most successful and enjoyable conclusion.

Mr J. B. H. Struthers, together with his worthy and esteemed mother, extended a cordial welcome to all visitors on entering the grounds. Amongst those present were:— Mr and Mrs Neil Douglas, J.P., Mr Thos. Jackson, P.C.; Mr and Mrs Gillespie, Hillside; Mr Archibald Bulloch president of the Scottish Quoiting Association and Mrs Bulloch, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs A. B. Maxwell, Mr and Miss Todd, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Miss Reid, Mr and Miss Kerr, Miss Hamilton, Miss Orr, Mr and Mrs R. Aitkenheed, Mr John Thomson, Mr Andrew Dougall, Mr and Mrs Swanson and party, Mrs James Brown, senior., and Mrs James Brown, junior. , Mr and Mrs Owens, Miss Dunlop, Miss Blackley, ,Mr James Ballatyne, Greenfield School; Mr and Mrs Allan, Mr Hill and Party, Newton; Mr John Johnstone, Mr Maitland. Mr M’Caffrie, Mr Cameron, Mr Fraser, Mr Gilhooly, and others.

And while the company strolled through the various neuks and corners of the grounds an excellent programme of music was led by the Auchinraith Prize Brass Band, under the leadership of Bandmaster John Braidwood. Tea and other refreshments were served during the whole evening in the alfresco tea garden, immediately at the rear of the inn buildings, while for the more youthful spirits ample opportunity was given for tripping the “Light fantastic” within the quoiting enclosure, the band again providing sprightly music.

The arrangements for the evening were under the supervision of Mr John Johnstone, who had the assistance of a number of stewards in the members of the club. Mr and Mrs Struthers were throughout the proceedings most grateful and accommodating for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests, and their various little attentions were very keenly appreciated by the company.

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