1977 Glasgow Road

Next, a photo from 44 years ago. (How time flies!). This is Glasgow Road with Herbertson Street leading off to the left. The old Co-Op building is prominent as is Wheels, the motorbike shop. A young generation of Blantyre youths will certainly find this picture difficult to comprehend seeing just how different Blantyre’s main thoroughfare […]


A photo next from just before the Millennium and before the shop fronts were all standardised to a dark green colour. Who remembers Clyde Star Video shop? As the popularity of videos waned, Clyde Star started renting DVDs and branched out into grocers, newsagents and stationery. However, the rise of sky tv soon put an […]

1968 Weddings

It’s been a while since I posted some photos of Blantyre folks weddings. These weddings are from 1968. First up Miss Mary Jo Canning of Wishaw married Peter Gowan of Holmswood Avenue. Jean Douglas of Whitehill married Peter McCabe of Craig Street, Blantyre. They married in Stonefield Parish Church then left for Canada on 16th […]