Misty Dechmont

A wonderful recent photo by local photographer Jim Brown. Nestled amongst the leafy woodland of High Blantyre is Crossbasket Castle. Photographed from the ‘Lady Nancy’ looking across to Letterick and Dechmont, of note is the atmospheric fog, from temperature inversion, not quite cleared. It certainly made for a wonderful photo opportunity!

Construction of David Livingstone Memorial Bridge

A fantastic photo I’ve only seen for the first time this week, shared here. These are the construction workers at Blantyre’s David Livingstone Memorial Bridge during the early 1950s. The old suspension bridge was away and construction of the new bridge had started, with scaffolding in place and the beams being hoisted into position. Rather […]

Miss Ritchie, 1900

Today’s picture is High Blantyre lassie, Miss Ritchie. This is certainly one of joiner and photographer, David Ritchie’s children, but I’m not sure which one. Lizzie? Minnie? The picture is from just before 1900, making it over 120 years old. The Ritchie family lived at one time on School Lane, then at Broompark Avenue in […]