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Canadian Search for Livingstone

  On 15th May 2015 , I was contacted by Donald (Livingstone) Clink who has been researching the Livingston/Livingstone family from his home in Canada. Donald said, “For some time now I have been researching the family of Dr. David Livingstone who spent his early life in Blantyre and whose grandfather Neil Livingston brought his […]

1905 Blantyre Works Mills

Whilst this postcard of Blantyre Works Mills dates from 1905, I think it depicts a slightly earlier scene. By 1905, the mills had fallen into decline , yet in this postcard, nicely colourised, the scene looks pristine and new, (and effect i think of the colourisation and touching up the photo). The large mill buildings […]

Founding of the Livingstone Centre

At the end of the 1890’s changed business conditions made the working of the old fashioned Blantyre Mills quite unprofitable. Around the same time that the Mills closed down in 1904, most of the dilapidated buildings around the Village area were pulled down. Several houses however remained. Waterloo Row, some miners cottages and the famous […]

End of Waterloo Row

On the dark, Winter afternoon of Wednesday 25th January 1928, a Burns Supper at Waterloo Row, Low Blantyre had catastrophic and terrible consequences for many local people. The dilapidated row of seventeen two apartment Miner’s houses situated on the banks of the River Clyde was entirely and quickly wiped out by raging fires rendering 108 […]