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Battle of Bothwell Bridge

A superb, rare 19th century engraving of “The Battle of Bothwell Bridge“. I first saw this on the “Lost Houses of the Clyde Valley” Facebook page, run by Christine Wallace. The engraving was done in 1850 and may include some artistic license of the battle which took place in 1679. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. […]

Bothwell Bridge

  These images show Bothwell Bridge in Edwardian times. Taken around 1900, they show the bridge colourised. A sleepy rural scene, prior to trams, prior to motorised vehicles, a horse being watered at the river. The other colourised lantern slide is perhaps ever so slightly older. Finally, a Bothwell Masonic Penny shows the older bridge, […]

1981 Bothwell Bridge & A725

  These excellent photos from Gordon Cook show the completion of the East Kilbride Expressway at Bothwell Bridge. Taken in 1981 into 1982, the photos show the completed new A725 concrete cantilevered bridge that we know so well today, leading down to the Raith Interchange. This saw the A725 fully joined up between Raith and […]

1981 Destruction of the Lido

  These remarkable photos date from 1981, as construction commenced on the third and final phase of the East Kilbride Expressway from Auchinraith down to Raith. In particular, these photos are of Bothwell Bridge, looking towards Hamilton. If you look closely, you’ll see the excavators beginning to undertake work at the former Lido Park, removing […]