1870 Crossbasket Castle

1870 Colourised Photo Crossbasket by D Kelly

1870 Colourised Photo Crossbasket by D Kelly

This interesting photo has been colorised by David Kelly. Shared here on Blantyre Project is Crossbasket Castle photographed whilst James Clark owned the property in 1870. The photo is one of the only pictures existing of Crossbasket Castle, before the later mid section, (Georgian mansion house) was built upon, giving the property a higher and larger footprint.

The Tower on the left was built around 1560, although given how much further back ownership of Crossbasket Estate went, it could have replaced an even older structure.

The gardens were terraced by General Thomas Peter. The damn shown in the foreground held the normally low flowing River Calder back, creating a gentle area below the gardens, without rapids. This allowed lilies to grow on that part of the river. The large oak, wooden beam seen in the foreground, used to damn the water, is still there today, although at the time of writing, the dam is open, the beam laying to the river side. Crossbasket Castle is currently undergoing the finishing touches of a renovation and is due to open this Summer as a wedding venue.

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