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1958 Explosion rocks High Blantyre

Sunday 9th March 1958 certainly started with a bang in High Blantyre! When Royal Engineers carried out the demolition of High Blantyre’s Dixon’s Pit, a demolition that the National Coal Board thought would cost nothing, ended up being quite costly! The Territorials were demolishing the old washing plant at High Blantyre Pit that day, but the […]

1928 Auchentibber Quoiting Team Winners

With thanks to Isabel Fleming of East Kilbride for sharing this photo. Pictured is the Auchentibber Quoiting Team who had just won the Scottish Championships that year. A real accomplishment. They are pictured at the Auchentibber Quoiting Green, with the war monument (then only 6 years old or so) at the far right. The picture […]