1960 Jim Nimmo


1961 jim nimmo at HIgh Blantyre1Margaret Lehman Nimmo has sent in this photo of her brother, Jim Nimmo.

Margaret added, “This photo was taken 1960/61ish. It’s my brother who was Scout Master and a trophy won by the High Blantyre Scouts. Unfortunately he cannot remember exactly what the trophy was for, you may even know yourself with so much information on hand about Blantyre’s history. Thanks again for all the interesting articles, I know a lot more about Blantyre now than when I lived there.”

The photo was taken at 125 Kirkton Avenue High Blantyre. There is a pigeon coop in the background in the neighbours yard. Jim is a direct relation of the Nimmos formerly of Auchentibber. It is of no surprise that a member of this family is holding a trophy, given the history in this ancestry line of competitive sportsmanship.

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Keli Williamson Eleanor Hobson what was ur address in Kirkton avenue? X

Emma Muir She was 120 xx

Keli Williamson Ah I thought it was close X

Archie Peat ” Pidgeon Coop ” ?? its nice to see a ” dookit ” in somebodies garden. Happy memories

Edward McArdle Could be for pigeon racing looking at the Coop

George Mackenzie I lived in No.69, would be around 13 when this was taken & was in High Blantyre Scouts when Alec Cook was Scoutmaster (sadly don’t recall Jim). Bill Dorricott might so – Margaret Henry can you ask Bill if he knows Jim & what the trophy might be for?

Margaret Henry Jim now lives in Canada and is married to our cousin Janie McLaughlin. My brother Bill is friends with her on Facebook. Bill might know about the trophy.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Hi Margaret, Were you Margaret Dorricott?

Margaret Henry Margaret Nimmo Lehmann . Yes, High Blantyre girl now living in Worcestershire.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I remember you and your family

Margaret Henry Margaret, I remember you too. Also Jim from the scouts. I can still see your mum’s face. Where do you live now?

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I’m also in Canada, since 1970, I was back for a high school reunion in 2003 and have kept in touch with a lot of people since

Margaret Henry Which school? I’m still best friends with Isobel Scott (married to George Mackenzie). We met at St. John’s. Please remember me to Janie. Wd be good to keep in touch. Kind regards, Margaret Henry

Elizabeth Weaver Say hi to Jim for me, Margaret Nimmo Lehmann. I remember him too.

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