Auchentibber Gardens, 1910’s

Continuing a look at the remarkable collection of photos given to me recently. The photographer is Mr David Ritchie of High Blantyre who took many photos all over Blantyre between 1895 – 1920s. Many of them appear to have been turned into postcards.

This is Auchentibber Gardens, at the edge of the Quoiting Green. Behind Auchentibber Inn. The men are mostly miners and I see several that I recognise from the Auchentibber Quoiting Team. Faces I recognise are Nimmo (seated front), Nodwell (standing back) and Borland.

I believe this was taken in the 1910s, possibly after WW1, as the gardens look quite established.

Courtesy: Veverka Collection kindly via Mr Alex Bowie.

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