James Beith Harrison Struthers

Mr. James Beith Harrison Struthers, or commonly known as JBH Struthers. Born on 31st January 1875, at 18 Caledonian Road, Wishaw, his father was also called James B Struthers and his mother was Mary Ann Harrison. He had several female siblings.

Famously, owner of the Auchentibber Inn, which he bought in the latter half of 1899 taking over from previous landlord Flora McIntyre. Previous to that he had lived in High Blantyre at Kirkton. He was a well respected man throughout the community, clearly passionate about supporting good causes, as well as progressing his own business interests. He never married nor had any children.

1919 JB Struthers at Auchintibber

JBH Struthers at Auchentibber

There is a local rumour that he met his death by falling down a well in 1938. This myth was strengthened when published by others and noted again on another local website. However, I’d like to prove this as untrue. In fact, he died in bed, single on 19th January 1938. He was 62 years old and had last been seen alive at 179 Eglington Sreet, Glasgow. As proof, the death certificate states he died from cardiac failure and natural causes. His sister Helena Moffat of 18 Stonefield Crescent registered the death.

Pictured is Mr. Struthers in a family photograph of ours. On the back is marked “Kiting green, 1919”

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