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1967 Weddings Blantyre Folk

A couple of weddings from 1967 next. Policewoman Vivian Kerr of Waverley Terrace married Airdrie Constable Robert Tweedie at High Blantyre Parish Church. The couple were stationed at Blantyre Police Station but later moved to Coatshill with daughters Kirstie and Una. Also in 1967 Etta Gray of Beech Place, Blantyre married Hamilton man Andrew Anderson. […]

Advert: Hugh B Kerr 1950

  Hugh B Kerr & Son Ltd were Blantyre based building and civil engineering contractors in the mid 20th Century. In 1950, they had subsidiary companies Kerrlaw Quarry Ltd (suppliers of freestone and silica sand) on telephone Blantyre 231. Also Kerr Plant Hiring Co Ltd (plant hirers and contractors). Their offices were at Station Road with […]

Archibald Kerr Clark

I’ve been extensively investigating the history of Crossbasket Castle lately, and uncovered something of particular interest. The child of former Crossbasket owner James Kerr Clark was responsible for bringing Stalin to Churchill’s table in WW2!! “Lord Inverchapel, the man who made diplomatic history by persuading Stalin to dine at the British Embassy during the war, […]

1970 Blantyre Cine Footage

During mid December 2014, I was approached by Eoan Kerr, asking if he could share his 1970 Blantyre cine footage with Blantyre Project. This little edit shows the relevant part of his footage with is shown here with permission. Featured is Bothwell Bridge and the older 1952 – 1999 David Livingstone Memorial Bridge. Hope this […]