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Hugh B Kerr & Son Ltd were Blantyre based building and civil engineering contractors in the mid 20th Century.

In 1950, they had subsidiary companies Kerrlaw Quarry Ltd (suppliers of freestone and silica sand) on telephone Blantyre 231. Also Kerr Plant Hiring Co Ltd (plant hirers and contractors). Their offices were at Station Road with overall telephone Blantyre 117 and 118.

Can you add anything to my the details for this company? Who ran it, when did they wind up? Were you employed there?


From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Jim Cochrane Auchnitibber was covered in quarries.they were all sandstone quarries and they were used later as council tips.
Jim Cochrane Mr Millar who had the fireplace shop and builders at burnbrae farm served his time as a stone mason with Hugh B Kerr
The Blantyre Project thanks Jim. I didn’t know that.
Jim Cochrane Eddie McFarlane ,Calderside worked in the quarry at Auchintibber.
Janet Cochrane Hugh B Kerrs stone quarry in Auchentibber was facing you as you turned from Parkneuk Road onto Newhousemill Road
James Stirling that s correct janet ,then it became a large tip for anything you wanted to put in it ,the coup was still owned by hugh b kerr ,his son ran the business ,his name was william he retired and went to live in auchterrarder after the coup was filled in,the quarry to my knowledge stopped working about fifty odd years ago


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  1. I have just moved to Blantyre – Kerr Street and I’m facinated by the history of the town and in particular the house which we’ve just moved into. I understand that the house was originally built by Hugh Kerr along with the rest of the street and that the house we occupy was originally occupied by Kerr and his family. We are apparently the third set of owners of the property since it was built at the beginning of 20th Century. However, this is anecdotal information we’ve picked up and I would love to find out more about the history of Kerr Street, the builder who built the houses and any of the earlier occupants of these fantastic homes.

    They must have been a wonderful place to live back then, as they are now – and having read the previous comment about one of the earlier occupants of one of the houses in Kerr St, I assume that they were built for senior staff within the Kerr building firm at the time.

    Any information about Kerr Street and its history would be most welcome.

    1. Hi Caroline – welcome to the website AND Blantyre! I hope to have more about Kerr Street including a good photo of the builders very soon.

  2. My father was Hugh B Kerr’s foreman and we Iived at 53 Station Road where the yard and the office was situated.I was brought up there and lived there until I was nineteen.We moved there from Kerr Sreet just after I was born in 1938.
    The company was run by Hugh B Kerr who was called the Boss and his son Wille.The yard was sold after end of the Second World War to the council which built all the prefabs on the land.
    One of the biggest projects the company built was Boots factory in Aidrie which was built with the stone from the quarry at Auchentibber,it also exported silica sand to New Zealand from the quarry.
    Round about th mid 1950’s the company downsized and they bought Birkenshaw Brickworks in Larkhall which my father ran until 1967 who retired through ill health.I then managed the brickworks till 1972. The brickworks were sold to Geordie Raeburn in the early 1990’s.

    1. Thank you Tom. That is all duly noted and I’ll add those notes to the entry in the coming encyclopaedia.

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