Memories of Craigton Place

2014 Craigton Place as it is today

2014 Craigton Place as it is today

Gerry Walker contacted me recently saying, “My family lived in Craigton Place between the mid 60`s to early 70`s after leaving Rosendale, (No longer there) one of the smallest streets in Blantyre with only eight houses on it.

A great street to grow up on as we had the swing park at the bottom of the road and a full size football park across the road in David Livingstons` primary school. The hill above the park was always great for playing Dead man falls and using the old bread boards (borrowed, Ahem… from the back of Mrs Botterills ) for sledging.

With very few cars on the road at that time our street was used for fooball(Gatey) tennis and in the winter we could slide from the top of the hill,(Morven Ave side) down to Devondale. The families that lived there at the time, starting at No 2 were the Wards, No 4 the Blakes, No 6 the Walkers,(My Tribe) No 8 the Watsons/Bells, No 10 the Burns, No 12 the Kerrs, No 14 the Mc Donaughs (another tribe) and No 16 the Boudrices.  I wonder if any of the above or their siblings still live there?”

I’m sure there must be some people out there who could help Gerry with tracking down the families mentioned in these fond memories.

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