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1967 Weddings Blantyre Folk

A couple of weddings from 1967 next. Policewoman Vivian Kerr of Waverley Terrace married Airdrie Constable Robert Tweedie at High Blantyre Parish Church. The couple were stationed at Blantyre Police Station but later moved to Coatshill with daughters Kirstie and Una. Also in 1967 Etta Gray of Beech Place, Blantyre married Hamilton man Andrew Anderson. […]

Calderside Farm & Pits, Auchentibber

Pictured here in 2012 is Calderside Farm in Auchentibber. Located in Blantyre Parish, the farm sits high up on the fields just off Calderside Road and commands impressive views of both Blantyre and East Kilbride. In trying to find out when the farm was built, unfortunately Roys map of 1747 just ends at the field […]

Blantyre Auchinraith Silver Band

On countless occasions when important events were taking place between 1901 and the 30s, the Auchinraith Band were in attendance. The Auchinraith Silver Band, to give it it’s full title was founded in 1901 with 16 learners. It proved very successful and quickly became established and well known in Blantyre. The band grew in size […]